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Dear Bespoke Clients,

Recently we have received reports that Canine Influenza has spread to several boarding and daycare facilities in Connecticut. We are now recommending that all dogs that plan to board or go to daycare receive the flu vaccine.

Dog flu is a relatively new disease and can be caused by two different canine influenza virus strains, H3N8 and H3N2. Both strains of dog flu virus cause respiratory disease in dogs. Affected dogs may develop coughing, nasal discharge, fever, lethargy and loss of appetite. The signs of infection are similar to those of other respiratory diseases in dogs. With proper medical attention, most dogs will recover. However, in some cases, dog flu can progress to a more severe or even life-threatening condition, such as pneumonia.

Dog flu is highly contagious, so visiting places where dogs socialize or congregate places them at higher risk. Such places include doggie daycare, dog parks, groomers, boarding facilities and dog shows.

The best way to protect your dog from dog flu is through vaccination. Fortunately, there is a bivalent vaccine now available for both dog flu strains. The initial vaccination requires two doses, given 2 to 4 weeks apart. Thereafter, an annual booster is recommended for continued protection.

Please call Bespoke with any questions or concerns, and to schedule a vaccine appointment if needed.


Dr. Jess



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