Here are instructions on how to clean your pets’ ears:

STEP 1: Apply cleanser directly to the ear from the nozzle of the bottle or by soaking a cotton ball and placing the cotton ball in the ear. Overflow the ear canal with cleanser.

STEP 2: Massage the cleanser into the ear canal by gently massaging the base of the ear for about a minute to dislodge attached wax.

STEP 3: With a cotton ball over your fingertip, wipe the accessible portion of the ear and ear canal clean as shown. Let your dog or cat shake out any excess cleaner. Wipe out the excess cleaner with a dry cotton ball once again.

STEP 4: It is not recommended to insert cotton swabs into the ears. If cotton swabs are used, they should only be used in the visible portion of the ear and ear canal.

STEP 5: Repeat in the other ear.

Dr. Jessica Melman Bhatia
Bespoke Veterinary Services

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